Emma & Parkinson's
“It’s almost like I’m losing if I sleep... like I’m letting it win”
- Emma - 
Emma is an amazing woman with Parkinson’s who is a vlogger, writer, comedian and charity advocate. I spent a day following her - she was giving one of her many TEDTalks. Though her talks are meant to be inspiring - she’s also wonderfully candid about what it’s really like to have a chronic health condition. She told me how it affects her sleep, work and even dating. I was struck by how relentlessly full she’s made her life - refusing to let her condition stop her having ‘adventures’. Once back at the hotel, we created this image, exploring her unique relationship with sleep.
'SKin' Series 
This new series combines my documentary filmmaking with my conceptual portrait photography. This gives viewers a lot more of the meaning behind each image - providing a deeper relationship with the subject. 
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