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Emma's Diabetes Year: Documentary Series
Eating Disorder Recovery
Early onset Parkinson's
Dying with Dignity

Losing 10 Stone In 6 Months

Staying Positive, Eating Better

I collaborate with your charity’s beneficiaries - putting them at the heart of the filmmaking process - empowering them to tell their story in their unique way. I believe when people feel safe enough to be truly open and honest - their stories resonate much more.
I make my intimate documentaries in a way that puts the participant's needs first. No scary lights, big crews or scripts - just them having a real conversation, on their terms. If you know someone with a great story to tell, I want to hear about it!
I can now create your charity films remotely using cutting-edge technology built into your subject's smartphone. This means your subject can tell their authentic story without anyone needing to travel. Get in touch to find out more.
I teach individuals (or your staff and volunteers) how to make their own films, just using their smartphone. Visit to find out more.​​​​​​​
Video Strategy
I often consult with charities to help them create more strategic ways of creating films - with value in mind. Running an in-house film team for five years, I devised highly cost-effective ways to create content for client campaigns, whilst using the same footage to create extra evergreen films for website, social and YouTube channels.
Filmmaking Training
I upskill in-house staff in filmmaking ands photography particularly with mobile devices. I run workshops which cover the technical, creative and interview skills needed to capture great stories and edit on phones.Visit to find out more.

Charity Filmmaking Workshop at Google, London UK. 

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