My Diabetes Year

This year I'm working on my most ambitious doc series. ‘My Diabetes Year’ follows two diabetics’ lives - in real time. I collaborate with them to make two long-form films every month - each with a different theme. Doctors, diet, medication, mental health, family and fundraising are featured in Emma and Sascha's journeys. Sometimes I film them, sometimes I help them film themselves. It’s extremely brave of them and the charity - as no-one knows how things are going to play out.

"In two parallel series, we’ll be following their lives as they share the ups and downs and everyday challenges they face, and their tips and advice along the way. We don't know exactly what will happen. And it's a brave leap into the unknown for Emma and Sascha." Diabetes UK.

My Diabetes Year - Launch Trailer

After watching each episode, viewers expand their diabetic knowledge - creating a personal goal poster, finding healthy recipes, or taking a quiz about better treatments. All here:

Here are some of the episodes so far:

Finally Talking About My Diabetes
Meeting Diabetes Experts
Inspiring my Dad to get better
Getting My Insulin Pump
Going Public With My Diabetes

Episode Quiz Screenshots: