"Dying with Dignity"

Question… How do you depict dying as anything but depressing?

Answer… Anita Brown.

Anita is one of the most positive and brave people I’ve ever met. It’s amazing that she let me (on behalf of the charity Dignity in Dying) into such an emotional and precious time in her life.

I filmed with Anita over a few months - attending her real cancer scan appointment and talking family reunions. Her, her family and her doctor we were very brave in letting us into their lives - especially given the unknown outcome. Working closely with the charity's Stories Manager was key.

In this episode, Anita could be given devastating news on camera. Also, her doctors can’t legally talk about certain issues - meaning this conversation had to be handled extremely sensitively.

This episode is great at showing the impact a terminal diagnosis can have on the entire family - including people you haven’t spoken to in years.

With my films - I gather A LOT of content - which gives charities the ability to create long and short form across all their channels. Dignity in Dying charity did a great job of getting SO much out of the films - and are constantly repurposing clips for social media.

Here are some of their organic FB posts. They also created a great ‘story campaign’ page as an ongoing home for Anita’s Journey.