Accepting My Diabetes

Episode 1 of 12

In 2019 I'm making a film every month with Sascha - documenting her journey with Type 1 diabetes.

Series Synopsis

This year two people with diabetes are setting out on a year of discovery, and they’re inviting you along for the ride.

Sascha and Emma have kindly agreed to team up with us to film their everyday lives, with the ups and downs of diabetes taking centre stage.

Over the next twelve months, in two parallel documentary series, we'll hear how diabetes impacts them, their families, their work, and whatever else life throws up for them.

They’ll be filming their own footage on their phones, on the go. They'll speak directly about the challenges they face, and strive for goals they've set themselves. And they’ll share their tips and advice along the way.

We don't know exactly what will happen. And it's a brave leap into the unknown for Sascha and Emma. But they're doing this to learn more for themselves, and to help other people dealing with similar things. People just like you.